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Ray Newland has been online for nearly two decades helping people all over the world succeed, from children, to parents to business owners who have all benefited from his help, advice and or guidance. Now the chances are you have not heard of Ray but this is because he chooses to be quiet and private, rather than broadcasting everything that he does to help people all over the internet.

If you have not heard of Ray what we urge you to do is type his name into google and you will see what he has achieved for literally thousands of people across the globe. Ray comes from a professional soccer back ground where he was a goalkeeper for ten years and he took these life building experiences to create multiple on and offline businesses around the glove that has changed the lives of countless people.

What you will find different and refreshing about Ray, is he will not ty to ram products or services down your throat that are not suited to your needs like most of these so called success gurus online do. Instead Ray always recommends people create their own product and brand presence and this is what he teaches people to do for free within his website.

There will also be products and programs that he recommends within his website but again this is done with a major difference. These are programs that he has used (or still uses to this day) to help him and his students generate his/ their success and Ray only recommends, he NEVER tries to sell. And this is such a major refreshing difference!

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My Courses

by Ray Newland


Excellent, If Your Need Ongoing High Level Business Education

Sportspreneurs (aka Sports entrepreneurs) is all about how I used the success traits that helped me to become a professional goalkeeper (soccer) and then how I transferred these same skills into my business life when my career finished prematurely through injury. My book and course tells my story how anyone who does any type of sport (even for a hobby) can use their sporting skill mindset to propel to any success level that they want!


The Clarity Club

Do Not Know What You Want To Do Next With Your Life? Let The Clarity Show You The Way

Over my 30 plus years in adult life, I have had a roller coaster of a journey. I have had my ups, downs but I have been fortunate that I have achieved my dreams in multiple businesses. However what has been the most frustrating thing for me is when I got to a point in my life when I just did not know what I wanted to do next.  

If your at this stage now in your life, The Clarity Club can help. CLICK to find out more detail.


Frustrated Preneur

Are You An Entrepreneur Who Is Sick Of Chasing Your Tail 😤 Let FrustratedPreneur Help !

Are you like 99% of entrepreneurs who are just busy, being busy and not really getting the results you want for your personal or business life. Do you know you have what it takes to become one of the leaders in your niche but for some reason, you are not finding the direction you need in your business life ? If the answer is yes, let FrustratedPreneur help you find your direction!

Also, you will never buy another Bull Shit course ever again once you learn this powerful information.


YOUR Online Career

A Proven Internet Business In A Box All Done For YOU And Create Your Own Online Career!

Whether you are new to the internet or not, Your Online Career is a Must check out. This is an opportunity for people who genuinely want to make a career from just their laptop.

I personally know the owner of this program so can vouch for his integrity and not only do you get a ‘an online business (sorry career) in a box’ there is also a team in place to help you grow your business on auto pilot.

So if you have been looking for an honest online business you can turn into a career, you really do not have to look any further!


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Free Download "Top 10 Tips To Financial Success"

Follow These 10 Success Traits To Turbo Charge Your Chances Of Success


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