Recommended Books

Dot Com Secrets – Author Russel Brunson

If you are not interested in having a business on the internet, please do not let this title of this book put you off reading it. Even though alot of the book is how you can become a success online, alot of the business fundamentals Russel writes about you can also implement into a offline business.

However if you are looking to make some type of online business, well this book is a MUST READ. And the bonus is, if you decide not to go for the upsells when if you check this book out, the book is actually free (You just pay the postage)


Expert Secrets – Author Russel Brunson

You might have gathered that i am a huge Russel Brunson fan. I did not think he could better his first book (dotcom secrets) but Expert Secrets surpassed his first book i thought. So if you believe you have some type of skill in your niche that you believe can help other people, but your not sure how to get your message across, Expert Secrets will help you get your message out to the people you want to reach!


6 Months to 6 Figures – Author Peter Voogd

Even though the title is a little misleading (It does not actually show you how to make a size figure income) this is still one of my favourite books of all time. Like i stated, it does not show you how to make six figures, but this book does teach you how to get into the mind set of a six figure earner and cuts out all the BS of other books, and teaches you how to set a vision for yourself on how to achieve your goals and dreams!

A must read for anyone who struggles with goal setting.



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