Let me ask you this quick question.

Do you know what you want to do next with your life ?

From my own personal experience and listening to so many people over the years, the majority of people do not know the answer to that question.

And age is not the factor also. I have spoken to eighteen year olds, to people who have lost their jobs or business in their fifties, and they all say the same thing to me.

‘Ray, I have no idea what I want to do with the rest of my life ?

So if you are at a point in your life right now, where you are stressed and depressed, scared for your future and feeling just damn right lost, with no idea what to do next, I feel your pain. I have been in this bad place several times throughout my adulthood.

Now before I tell you about my free 7 Day Challenge and how it can help you, let me tell you about my personal experiences, how I found myself lost in life, and without direction.

Throughout my adult life, I have had both the positive experience of knowing exactly what I wanted to do, to the shear negativity of having no idea what to do in my life.

From the age of about eight years old, I always wanted to become a professional goalkeeper (soccer) so having this dream, gave me something to work towards, and throughout my childhood I was obsessed with achieving this dream.

Thankfully for me, with a lot of hard work I achieved my dream aged eighteen years and felt alive, as I was performing in front of thousands of people every single week, and then a training ground injury finished my career aged just twenty eight years old.

With no income, no savings and with no qualifications, this was the first time in my life I thought, oh my goodness, what am I going to do next for my career ?

I was scared for myself and my family, and I cannot describe the feeling of hopelessness about my future. If you have ever been in this situation or you might be feeling like this at present, you will know exactly how I felt.

Throughout my adult life even though I have had a lot of successes which I am thankful for, I have still gone through phases where I lost my direction and was once again feeling, stressed, depressed and just wondering, what do I need to do to find my passion and direction again.

I have gone through a roller coaster of a ride throughout my life, with sections of my life where I knew exactly where I was going, then there was those sections of my life, where I was hopelessly lost and had no idea what to do!

So having experienced both knowing and not knowing what to do with my life several times now, I can say without a shadow of a doubt that the times I have been most happy, is when I knew what I wanted and what direction I was going.

As crazy as this sounds, even when I was failing and was frustrated because things where not moving as fast I wanted them to, I was still happy.

And the reason for this, was because I knew what my purpose was at that time, and I knew what direction I was headed.

As I met the thousands of people over my lifetime, what I noticed, the ones who where unhappy had no direction in their life, they were in a job that they hated, or had lost passion for the business they had started and where stuck in no mans land, because they just did not know what to do next.

And the people who always seemed to be the happiest, where the ones following their passion and doing something that they loved.

The important point by the way, money was not the factor for their happiness. Yes some made a lot of money, but it was not the money that made them happy. What made them happy was doing something that they enjoyed and gave them a sense of purpose.

I understand you might be thinking at this point, Ray you are stating the obvious, it is obvious that you will be more happy and content, if you have direction and you know where you want to go in life……

But I Do Not Know What To Do Next With My Life And Its Cracking Me Up!!!!

So if you are feeling like this at present, I invited you to take my Free 7 Day Challenge!

What my 7 day challenge is all about is helping you get your mindset tuned in from thinking, I have absolutely know idea what I want to do next in life, to…

Okay, maybe I can do this, or maybe I can do that.

What I do with the 7 day challenge is use the exact same methods that helped me become a professional goalkeeper, then when I lost my career, I used these exact same methods to start several businesses, to name but a few…

Just4keepers, which has gone on to become the leading and largest goalkeeper soccer schools in the world, that has helped thousands up thousands fo youngsters to achieve their dreams. I also created a sports product that now sells in over fifty countries. So it is safe to say, I know what I am talking about.

So if you are currently thinking ‘What am I going to do next with my life’ I urge you to take my free 7 day challenge. You have nothing to lose, and everything potential to gain.

These methods work, and the good news is, seriously anyone can do this!

The Free 7 Day Challenge Breakdown.

For the next eight days I will email you a very short video, no more than ten minutes long. Each video will be on a success trait that I used to help me achieve my dreams.

By the way, to learn these success traits is not hard. Please remember I am just a working class lad who grew up on a rough council estate in Liverpool, UK with no qualifications. If I can learn these success traits, anyone can!

Day 1

Is all about getting you prepared for your 7 days challenge. If you do not get prepared and you do not take this seriously, it is pointless even starting. This can change your life!

Day 2

In this video I will talk about finding your passion and direction in life, so you can start your new journey.

Day 3

In this video I will talk about How to day dream your way to success. Or in other words, the art of visualisation. To me this is the most important success trait anyone can utilise and the great news is, it is the easiest to master!

Day 4

In this video I talk about how to become better than average and get an edge on your competition. It is such a simple technique that most people do not do, but if they do this one thing each day, it WILL be life changing.

Day 5

In this video I talk about failing your way to success. Look you are going to fail every now and then, everyone fails, but I really do believe in failing your way to success.

Day 6

In this video I talk about the importance of setting goals and becoming a goal achiever, not just another goal setter.

Day 7

In this video I talk about your action plan for success and the importance of ready, fire, aim!

So if you are ready for the free 7 day challenge, hit the button below and I will see you on the inside

I look forward to hearing YOUR success story!

Your friend

Ray Newland


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