About Ray Newland

Ray Newland is an ex professional goalkeeper turned public speak, author, property landlord and serial entrepreneur.

Ray achieved his dream of becoming a professional soccer player (goalkeeper) aged 18 but just ten years later, it was over when a freak training ground injury prematurely finished his career aged just 28 years old.

Broke, in debt and living in rental accommodation with his wife and two children(ray now has three kids) he had to get a dead end job packing blood for a living just to make ends meat.

However just 5 years later he was financially free through a soccer goalkeeper franchise business he started and also amassing a sizeable property portfolio.

Ray is a self confessed serial entrepreneur having built up a soccer franchise that is now in 30 countries at the time of writing, an author, a motivational speaker, a property landlord, a internet marketing expert as well as having the biggest goalkeeper training DVD series in his sector.

He often jokes he is the Forest Gump of Europe as he has been successful in so many business sectors.

One of rays passions is helping others and over the past decade he has helped countless people earn on and offline success, helping many people to earn six figure income plus

He believes the days of getting a safe secure job is long gone and he now teaches people around the world on how to earn their dream life style while more importantly having a happy and balanced life.

Ray quotes, ‘The key to your financial future in this new age is rely on yourself to create your income and lifestyle, it is a massive mistake to rely on others!’

Rays ebooks, books, training programs, help and advice now span over 30 countries and he prides himself in giving people solid sustainable foundations that can help them earn more than a full time income for the long haul.

‘If you want to become better than the average, well you must be prepared to do more than the average!’ Ray Newland
Dream – Believe – Plan- ACT!

There will also be products and programs that he recommends within his website but again this is done with a major difference. These are programs that he has used (or still uses to this day) to help him and his students generate his/ their success and Ray only recommends, he NEVER tries to sell. And this is such a major refreshing difference!

For more information on Ray check out his wikipedia page – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ray_Newland 

Ray with his wife and daughter.


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