How To Decide What To Do next With Your life 

One of the reasons why most people live lives of quiet desperation and end up in dead end jobs that they hate, is not because they lack education, skills, talents and dreams to achieve greatness.

Most people have these skills in abundance and as simple as this sounds, what holds most people down is they simply do not know what they want to achieve in life.

Dream Believe Plan and ACT is four words that can change anyone’s life for the better, like it has mine and thousands more.

These four words were also used by Walt Disney to build his amazing empire and bring his vision to life for millions of people around the world.

So if you want to achieve greatness in life for yourself, start with Dream Believe Plan and ACT!


Next Shot Matters

How To Master Failure

Next Shot Matters is about the success traits I was taught as a professional goalkeeper (soccer) on how to deal with and master failure, to turn this into success.

After my soccer career come to an end through injury, I then used these same success traits on how to master failure to succeed in several business that I have created over the years.

No matter where you are in life, Next Shot Matters will show you a very simple process on how to help you achieve the results you want by turning your failures to success. And with the helpful action plan within my book, this will help you give you focus to achieve long term success.
After reading my book, you will never be afraid of failure again.

Ray Newland is an ex-professional soccer play(goalkeeper) who played professionally for over a decade before injury halted his career early when he was aged just twenty-eight.

After his soccer career, Ray went on to build Just4Keepers, which at the time of writing, is the leading and largest goalkeeper school in the world, operating in over 30 countries and across every continent.

He has also built a substantial property business, is a published author, business coach and a motivational speaker who has helped thousands of people around the word change their lives for better.

Ray believes the secret to successful life is implementing a series of success traits by making small changes on a daily basis using the power of your mind.


How to become a Goal Achiever – Not Just Another Goal Setter

And Hit Any Goal That You Set Out For Yourself

How to become a Goal Achiever is about the success traits of not only writing down your goals, but more importantly hitting them.

Sadly, for most people they never hit their goals and for the most part it is not their fault because they have never been taught to write down their goals properly.

So How to become a Goal Achiever and Not just another goal setter, is my personal blue print that has helped me achieve my dream of becoming a professional goalkeeper (soccer), helped me build a substantial property business, helped me write a series of books that sell all around the work and that also helped me build the biggest business in my sports niche.

I have also helped hundreds of people around the world, achieve their own personal success using the exact same techniques I teach within this book.

Also with the action plan that I have provided within this book, this will help anyone turbo charge hitting their dreams and goals.


Become Better Than Average

And Achieve Your Dreams And Goals With Ease!

How to become better than Average is about the success traits I was taught as a professional goalkeeper (soccer) on how to become better than average.

I believe this is one of the secrets to anyone’s success.

You do not need qualifications, a ton of money behind you, if you practice this life changing success trait, you can change your life almost instantly.

The beauty about this success trait, is that anyone can do this, no matter where you are in the world and mentally right now.

Also, with the action plan that I have added within my book, it will teach anyone how to get results for themselves in their personal and business life.


Everyone Days Dreams, Every day, Most Of The Day.

Learn How to Turn These Day Dreams To Your Advantage.

How to day dream your way to success is all about the art of visualisation.

If you look at any top artist, athlete, performer, business person, for example, the high percentage of these guys would have used the art of visualisation to propel themselves to success.

There is a lot of books out on this success trait but the ones I have read, really over complicate this vital success skill, so I have written ‘how to day dream your way to success’ in a no nonsense, very easy to understand format.

Me personally, if I was to choose one success trait everybody should learn and master, learning the art of visualisation to me, is the one, and the key to success.

Also, with the action plan that I have added within this book, you will be mastering the art of visualising your success shortly after you have read this book.


How To Win In Life

Using A Sports Mindset

How to win in life is all about the success traits that I used to become a professional soccer player, and how I transformed these skills into developing several successful businesses once my soccer career ended through injury.

Whether you like sport or not, this book and program can show you how to put these very simple to use success traits into your life so you can improve your personal, spiritual and financial situations



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