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Ray Newland has been online for nearly two decades helping people all over the world succeed, from children, to parents to business owners who have all benefited from his help, advice and or guidance. Now the chances are you have not heard of Ray but this is because he chooses to be quiet and private, rather than broadcasting everything that he does to help people all over the internet.

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Beyond Pro Sports!

How To Have A Ready Made Income To Walk Into When Your Sports Career Is Over

Did you know that as much as 95% of professional athletes are broke and or in debt within two years of their professional sports career coming to an end? This is a frightening statistic but you only need to look inside your own sports niche to see how many sports athletes have fallen off the bandwagon when their career comes to a halt.

The main reason for professional athletes fall from grace is finances or lack of finances to chose a better word. So how good would it feel to know by the time your career has come to an end, you have a ready-made income and business to walk into that for the most part, can surpass your sports professional athlete income, and more importantly, while doing something you love from a laptop!


Sports Business Owner.

How To Add Another Six figure Income ‘Plus’ Onto Your Current Sports Business.

If you currently have your own sports business, whether you are a martial arts coach, personal instructor, sports therapist, sports coach, physiotherapist, etc, etc and etc. If you have ANY type of sports business and you have not got a e commerce website or personal brand, you are literally leaving potentially hundreds of thousands of dollars on the table.

Click below and watch the free training video how you can easily bolt on a e commerce website to your current business and literally take your current business to a 7 figure income business. And with our personally ‘Done for You’ system, this is a complete no brainer.


Frustrated Preneur

How To Find Your Passion And Turn Into A Full Time Business

If you are in a job that you hate or you have fallen out of love with the business that you started, and you are not sure what to do next with your life, the Dream – Believe – Plan – ACT is a must get program.

Before you purchase any ‘how to make money program’ you need to know ‘what you want to do next with your life,’ otherwise you will throw good money away. So the Dream – Believe – Plan – ACT program, will help you find your passion and show you what to do next with the next stage of your life.




How To Decide What To Do next With Your life

One of the reasons why most people live lives of quiet desperation and end up in dead end jobs that they hate, is not because they lack education, skills, talents and dreams to achieve greatness.

Most people have these skills in abundance and as simple as this sounds, what holds most people down is they simply do not know what they want to achieve in life.


Next Shot Matters

How To Master Failure

Next Shot Matters is about the success traits I was taught as a professional goalkeeper (soccer) on how to deal with and master failure, to turn this into success.

After my soccer career come to an end through injury, I then used these same success traits on how to master failure to succeed in several business that I have created over the years.


How to become a Goal Achiever – Not Just Another Goal Setter

And Hit Any Goal That You Set Out For Yourself

How to become a Goal Achiever is about the success traits of not only writing down your goals, but more importantly hitting them.

Sadly, for most people they never hit their goals and for the most part it is not their fault because they have never been taught to write down their goals properly.


Become Better Than Average

And Achieve Your Dreams And Goals With Ease!

How to become better than Average is about the success traits I was taught as a professional goalkeeper (soccer) on how to become better than average.

I believe this is one of the secrets to anyone’s success.

You do not need qualifications, a ton of money behind you, if you practice this life changing success trait, you can change your life almost instantly.


Everyone Days Dreams, Every day, Most Of The Day.

Learn How to Turn These Day Dreams To Your Advantage.

How to day dream your way to success is all about the art of visualisation.

If you look at any top artist, athlete, performer, business person, for example, the high percentage of these guys would have used the art of visualisation to propel themselves to success.


How To Win In Life

Using A Sports Mindset

How to win in life is all about the success traits that I used to become a professional soccer player, and how I transformed these skills into developing several successful businesses once my soccer career ended through injury.

Whether you like sport or not, this book and program can show you how to put these very simple to use success traits into your life so you can improve your personal, spiritual and financial situations


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How To Become Better Than Average

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