The Biggest Mistake 95% of Sports Entrepreneurs Make:

The Biggest Mistake 95% of Sports Entrepreneurs Make:

Over the past two decades running my sports business across the globe, I have met literally thousands of sports entrepreneurs all over the world, and whether they are a current professional athlete or sports coach etc, 95% plus, all make the same mistake.

And that is, they never change their business model of trading their time for money.

For most sports entrepreneurs, trading your time for money is the most dangerous thing you can do financially for your business.

But sadly, the majority of people in a sports business will keep trading their time for money, until one day, all of a sudden, it all comes crashing to pieces.

Whether because it’s an accident, illness, old age and even competition, normally this finishes off most sports business owners.

This is because their sports business relied on their time!

Think about it: How many people do you know, who had a thriving sports business, then all of a sudden its gone more or less overnight.

I rest my case.

Also if you have a business and you get injured for example and you can no longer run your business, are you going to get top buck for your business if you need to sell ?

The chances are no you will not, because people know you are in dire straits and need to sell, so they will take advantage and you will have to sell your business most probably for a lot less than what it is worth.

Or like most, you will get offered nothing for your business, so you have to close without making a penny for all your hard-earned work over the years.

So what is the alternative?

What you need to do to stop this from happening to you, is put in three fundamental steps that can not only put you in a position that your sport business can run on auto polite without you, but also develop a business that people will be queuing up to buy, when it comes time to sell.

And the exciting part about my three steps, you are doing it anyway, you just need to tweak what you are doing.

This has proved invaluable to me and other sports entrepreneurs I have helped over the years but instead of writing another 1000 words, check out my quick free training video.

The video is only about ten minutes long, but I assure you, it will change the way you look at sports business forever.

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